Veterans Week Panel

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Faculty Center Open Space, Schulz Room #1112
The Faculty Center in collaboration with the Center for Transfer & Transition Programs is hosting a panel led by Mike Ergo with the North Bay Vet Center. All Faculty and Staff are invited to the discussion that will cover topics such as:
  • general information about the military (branches, jargon) 
  • information about student veterans at SSU (how many, experiences they have had)
  • tangible takeaways about how to work with student veterans (questions not to ask, statistics about the transition back to civilian life)
Please RSVP using the form included on this page and we look forward to seeing you there!


  • To help faculty better understand student veterans at Sonoma State AND
  • Help student veterans transition from military to civilian/student life.
  • Help student veterans thrive on campus and integrate with other students


  • Mike Ergo, Director of the North Bay Vet Center, will give a brief presentation on military cultural competency including:
    • Why people join
    • The different branches of the military
    • Common jargon and slang
    • Communication styles and values in the military culture
    • Myths and stereotypes about the military and veterans
  • Panel Q&A 
    • Moderator will ask pre-selected questions from faculty for Mike Ergo and student veterans on the panel to answer
    • Questions will be pre-selected to make efficient use of time
    • The student panel will answer questions and talk about their experience as a student veteran
As a very small percentage of the population in the United States serve in the military today (compared to the 1960s and before when there was a draft), it is the natural result that less of the civilian population has a clear understanding of what today’s military and service members are like. Providing a space for this discussion is critical to cohesion on our campuses and a way to decrease the assumptions made about each other in the absence of this dialogue.

Faculty members

Please submit questions you have about veterans and/or the military to Kaila Shivers ( so we can address them during the presentation or panel discussion. If we do not have time for these questions during the event, I will personally address them with you- either in person, over the phone, or by email. Thank you for being willing to join us and listen!
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