Get Help During Your Canvas Transition

August 8, 2018

Date sent: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
Subject: Get help during your Canvas transition.

Dear Colleagues,

We continue to make progress in our transition to Canvas! We look forward to supporting you and the entire SSU community in the coming semesters.

A number of changes in Canvas are now active for faculty:

  • All Faculty & Students are enrolled in self-paced training courses for Canvas to help you get up to speed with the platform.
  • Legacy courses from Moodle have been migrated from the last two years (2016-17 and 2017-18).  These are available ONLY available to instructors of record and contain no student information from previous terms. These are available upon request.
  • Course shells will be created for Spring 2019 courses, so please use these if you are planning on teaching in Canvas this Spring.
  • Sandboxes for faculty to use in testing are also now available. Additional sandboxes are available upon request.
  • The new Faculty Center website ( has launched and points toward the full list of fall workshops and support options.

While faculty and staff are encouraged to become familiar with Canvas as soon as possible, SSU’s self-hosted Moodle will remain active for teaching through Spring 2019, remaining fully supported for the duration of the transition year. Faculty have the option to teach in either the Moodle or Canvas platforms during this transition period.  For each section, please notify your students as to which LMS you plan to use during Fall 2018.

If you have not already done so, please remember to take advantage of the additional transition support available to you now. Support resources include online materials, in-person training, and consultation opportunities. For a complete list of resources, please visit the Getting Started page online at the Canvas Support Center.

Speaking of in-person training, all faculty and staff are welcome to attend the in-person workshop series taking place this upcoming November: Nov. 5th-Jan.15th Schulz 1112. Please RSVP!

Thank you for your participation during this transition!

Faculty Center Staff