Current Project Highlights

Active Learning Classroom & Faculty Learning Community 

The Zinfandel active learning classroom seats up to approximately 90 students, with advanced video sharing technology and will feature modular furniture to allow for a flexible, reconfigurable active learning space. We have recruited a faculty cohort of eight individuals interested in active learning pedagogy (led by Sandy Ayala) and not averse to trying new technology in the classroom. This group participated in a workshop in Fall 2016 on active learning pedagogy and participate in some structured meet-ups for those teaching in Zinfandel to learn from their experiences and inform the Faculty Center’s recommendations for best practices in new active learning classrooms around campus. 

Immersive Learning

For faculty interested in using VR as an instructional application, please reserve a time to try out our available software by going to Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL) Lab website. 

Learning Management System


Following extensive research by ATISS, and a Canvas pilot of 16 courses during the Spring 2018 semester, the Next Generation LMS evaluation is now complete. Sonoma State University will adopt Canvas by Instructure as our single, centrally-supported Learning Management System.

Recap of Pilot

In September 2017, Provost Lisa Vollendorf asked the Academic Senate's Academic Technology and Instructional Spaces Subcommittee (ATISS) to undertake an assessment of Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Moodle. This request was made in response to feedback gathered over the prior academic year about the stability of our self-hosted Moodle solution and the best practice of evaluating our LMS every few years to ensure we have a strong solution to support teaching and learning at SSU. A copy of the LMS Project Report, written by ATISS, and reviewed by APARC, is now available online.
To learn more about this project, head over to the Canvas Support Center!

STEM Faculty Learning Program

Sonoma State University, in collaboration with UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science, is continuing for another year the Faculty Learning Program previously under an NSF WIDER grant. This new program is funded under the improving STEM Faculty Learning Program. We are co-facilitating this with Dr. Carmen Works, Chair of Chemistry at SSU.